Cindy was raised in a large family in rural central California, where she sang "oldies" with her family around an antique player piano.  With singing in her soul, choirs, musicals and performances followed.  Completing her degree from CSU, Stanislaus, Cindy pursued an elementary teaching credential at San Jose State,  landing her first job in Campbell Union School district at Blackford Elementary, near the Music Place Main Office.

She met her husband, Peter, in San Jose and married in 1990, 30+ years and five kids ago.  Early on, Cindy combined her roles as a teacher and a mom to homeschool her children, now for over 20 years, while also educating through Classical Conversations, Adventures in Writing and Live Oak Academy.  Music education for her children was a dream realized when Cindy met Janice Morris, director of the Music Place;  Early Music Awareness (EMA), guitar, piano, flute and violin lessons enriched their lives and contributed to a life-long love of music in each child. Cindy joined the administration team as a consultant in 2020 with the dual purpose of assisting in the documentation of the EMA training while also teaching her own level II class. 

Cindy still enjoys singing in addition to hiking, yoga, gardening, and learning.

Teaching Style:  

Cindy's experience as an educator and a parent has equipped her to care for and teach each unique child, constructively and creatively

Group class early music awareness


  • Early Music Awareness


Cindy is currently serving only as a subsitute teacher at The Music Place and does not teach private music lessons.

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