Tina loves to help students learn the basics so they can have a great foundation for happy and successful learning.  She approaches students in a patient and creative way-- personalizing her approach to accommodate the youngest students as well as those who have special needs. Tina received her degree in Piano Performance from San Francisco State University and has been teaching for more than 30 years. She is happy to begin helping students who are interested in the Royal Conservatory adjudication program . She believes that God has made each person uniquely special and sees music as a gift that reaches the heart of each person.

Her strongly held belief about how special each child is has become the foundation of more than 20 years of experience working with those who have specials needs. She fondly recalls the experience of welcoming a child on the autism spectrum whose parent had been told previously that his child could never learn music! Although he was completely non-verbal, Tina could see that the student was very musical, and she was able to communicate with him through music. She found ways to build on his innate musical skills. The parent found hope through a patient, adaptive teacher and experienced the thrill of seeing his son learn to play the piano, accomplishing what others had told him was impossible.  

In addition to her career as a music teacher, Tina and her musician husband Daniel have raised two children. 

pianoTeaching Style

Although Tina is a highly skilled pianist, she loves teaching beginners. She understands that younger children with shorter attention spans need creative approaches to keep from getting bored, so she finds ways to make music fun for them by using games or even having small groups compete with one another to help stay focused.   

In addition to being creative, Tina is a kind, mild mannered and yet detail-oriented teacher. She encourages students with praise --not just for the "finished product" but for their effort. She likes to give them their favorite stickers and sees each student for their uniqueness allowing music to bring joy and even healing to their lives.


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  • Willowhurst Ave (Main Office)
  • Lawrence Expwy
  • Santa Clara Home Studio (Near Benton & Pomeroy)