We have updated our opinion!

Because of our strong philosophy of FUN FIRST,  over our long history, we have intentionally avoided strong emphasis on examinations and testing options for our students; however, we have now come to believe that increasing numbers of students are actually inspired by working toward goals that are established by institutionalized adjudication systems.

Girl playing at piano recitalRoyal Conservatory of Music 

There is a wide range of adjudication systems from which to choose. Our recommended system is called Royal Conservatory, and unlike some of the other systems like Certificate of Merit, ABRSM, and National Piano Guild,  this system has wonderful flexibility and consistently beautiful literature. When songs are inspiring and the frequency and the time of the testing is more flexible, the pressure on the students is much less intense and therefore more enjoyable.  We always want the learning to be FUN, and only suggest examinations for those who flourish in this type of environment. On the other hand, anyone can use the curriculum and follow the syllabus without participating in the assessments. 

How does it work? 

RC teachers help students prepare music and musicianship skills from a syllabus that is graded from beginning to advanced levels.  This includes both traditional music across musical periods as well as contemporary music. The levels established are achievable, and testing is scheduled at parents' convenience.  Learn more about the RCM program.  Request Private lesson options

"With a focus on nurturing creativity and developing self-confidence, this comprehensive program allows students to progress at their own pace... encompassing three main areas: Repertoire, musicianship skills and the assessment." 1

1. RCM Certificate Parent Program Guide, pages 2-3