worship flags imageAs a Christian-owned organization, we never push our faith on anyone, but we love to support kids to develop performance skills in a worship setting. Our favorite way to do this is in the form of a summer camp which we call WAKE:  Worship Arts Kids' Education.  Students in this camp gather to learn how to use their gifts for the Kingdom of God.


Boy worships GodSong: including vocal training on proper use of voice, (breathing, articulation and presentation); "Songs, Hymns & Spiritual Songs"--learning to sing spontaneous personal worship songs

Instruments: Students will be taught the biblical basis and use of instruments as tools for "prepared worship" as well as spontaneous worship that expresses the heart of God back to Him and to the congregation. Students will each receive (and decorate) a small tambourine or other small percussion instrument for use in a final worship event.

Mime: Students who choose this area of ministry will be trained to use silent movement to express His Truth in a visual way.

Dance & Movement: Students learn how to use movement to tastefully express love and celebration before the Lord.

Scripture memory through movement, including solo and group scripture reading with gesture choreography

Procession: Biblical teaching will be followed by the powerful experience of worship through procession. Students will use various instruments and worship tools to honor the King.

Worship Leading: Practical tools and opportunities to help students build a song list and bring people into God's presence in various ministry events.

The History of W.A.K.E.

Boy reading Bible

In February, 2005, a long-time dream was breathed to life in my spirit by the Lord. For years I had wondered if someday God might show me a way to facilitate the training of children to lead worship---using the arts. As you may know, The Music Place serves as an award-winning music education center in the South Bay--having served over 20,000 children since 1984.  In addition, I also serve on the faculty of two schools of worship, and have a strong commitment to see the arts used in worship. So Worship Arts 4 Kids made sense, but God had to breathe it!  

Then, in April of the same year, the Lord stirred me to gather a group of worshipers who are both gifted with children as well as in various areas of the arts and worship leading. 

As we gathered, an exciting vision for a Kids' Worship camp unfolded, and as we continued to pray, God launched W.A.K.E. --Worship Arts 4 Kids, (Equipping kids to lead in worship)!

What we all experienced as the children gathered, learned and worshiped was simply breathtaking! The final child-led worship celebration was more than "awe-inspiring". (These words were consistently used by parents from even the most traditional churches.)

In 2006, we were providentially led to partner with a local church in South San Jose, which shared its amazing facilities, technical equipment and most exciting, its vision for children and teens to learn to lead NOW, not just in the future. More than 85 teen interns and kids participated in this life-changing week. It was captured on a high quality DVD that has been used to inspire worship experiences led by kids through numerous congregations since the final worship celebration event. 

Highlights from past W.A.K.E. camps

People worshipping

After the 2006 event, W.A.K.E. staff met to evaluate and grow resulting in an even higher impact ministry in 2007. Teens 11 and up were amazing, working hard in a week long Teen Training preceding the camp,  and online enrollment helped older campers (grades 4-7) choose specialties in movement (flags, dance and mime) and music (chorus, solos, instruments and percussion.)

We also lengthened the camp day by an hour, meeting 9AM-2PM.  We added more faculty, including 2 teachers from Southern California as well as Twin Oaks Worship Pastor, Mario Minardi, who with his amazing teen crew taught the small percussion workshop and helped everyone enjoy the rhythms of the Kingdom -- while having fun! A church in Hayward, led by "Sister "A"" who visited in 2006, provided day care from 7AM to 6PM to accommodate participation from 15 kids with working parents to come from as far as South San Francisco. Singers and instrumentalists learned how to worship spontaneously, mimists inspired us by their presentation (in full mime make-up and gloves), teen interns entered the sanctuary with beautiful banners they had made the week before, and children 1st-3rd grades offered a variety of gifts and creative thank-you cards to Jesus.  

We covet your prayers to move forward in all that God has for us in this, and we remain confident that "Unless the Lord builds the house, [they] labor in vain who build it."  

More details about daily activities

Child uses flags for worshipFlags: Students will learn the power and beauty of flags as tools to enhance their worship and spiritual warfare. Students will build their own flags to keep.

Fabric Arts & Crafts: Students will build and use streamers, flags, scarves and fabric to represent Biblical concepts (i.e.: 5 yards of blue or silver fabric held at the ends to represent waves during the song "Voice of Truth" or "Every Move I Make"--waves of mercy.)

Technical Arts: Campers 10 and older who choose this field will study technical arts, sounds, video, lighting staging and how they can use technology to enhance the worship experience.

WHY WE OFFER A WORSHIP CAMP FOR KIDS: Children are an integral part of what God wants to do on earth. We agree with well-known worship author and teacher, Vivien Hibbert, that every time God's people gather to worship, He wants to accomplish these three things:

  • Revelation: He reveals himself (His thoughts and character) through various parts of the gathering.
  • Administration: Those who are keepers of the sights and sounds of God can help facilitate the expression of His heart to the people.
  • Transformation: We are changed as we receive God's revelation of Himself in various ways.

THE W.A.K.E. staff is committed to be tools to see "this generation praise His works to another ." Psalm 145:4