We are thrilled to be able to serve members of the Special Needs community! Here are four simple steps to get started:

autistic boy with headphones

Step #1: Free Assessment

  • Your journey may begin with a free assessment by a non-therapist educational specialist.
  • You may set up an assessment/interview in person (or online if necessary.) It takes 45-60 minutes
  • Depending on your child's verbal, interactive and regulatory development, we may suggest a therapeutic assessment as well.
  • Free assessments are conducted at our Main Office in San Jose.

If you prefer, you may get started directly with Music Therapy by means of a phone appointment to discuss your child's need with an Educational Placement Specialist who will guide you through the options for Music Therapy.

This may be set up by visiting this link or by simply calling The Music Place office at 408 445-2787.

Step #2: Two Trial sessions before registering

Before registering in our school, we suggest

  • 2-session trial period during which the client is able to have two 30-35-minute sessions with a music therapist.
  • This includes 25-30 minutes with the client, 5 minutes parent debrief and 5-10 minutes of session notes.
  • The fee for these two sessions, notes, and debrief is $135.00.

Step #3: Determine the next step togetherspecial needs boy plays drums

Following these two introductory sessions,

  • Director obtains the recommendations of the therapist and
  • Meets by phone with the parents to discuss and/or determine the next steps.
  • If family decides to move forward with Music Therapy at the recommendation of the therapist, they enroll in ongoing private or small group therapy sessions. 
  • Upon registration, parents pay a Lifetime Registration Fee ($60.00)

Step #4: Assessment, Goals and Treatment Plan available for Insurance Companies

After a minimum of 4 sessions, the therapist will prepare an initial report. Initial (essential) report fee: $125.00 (This takes 3-4 hours to prepare) and includes:

  • An assessment of the client with relevant insurance codes and goals which can be submitted to the insurance company.
  • Treatment plan and goals for ongoing therapy

After that...

special needs boy happy

  • Follow-up assessment reports are prepared every 6 months (and necessary for insurance). There is no additional fee for subsequent reports provided the client is enrolled in weekly 30-minute sessions.
  • These reports may also include some video clips of significant moments in the therapy process. In accordance with H.I.P.A.A privacy standards, these may be made available to parents by a direct download to a USB memory stick or SD card provided by the parent.
  • Invoices: For those who pursue insurance reimbursements, we also create invoices to submit to the insurance. We do not bill insurance directly.

How to Move Forward

  • Your next step would be to let us know your child's availability for the introductory therapy sessions. They are offered in three locations around the South Bay.  Give us a call or email us!
  • View tuition for special needs services.

For more information about classes for special needs,  see About Music Therapy.