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What holidays do you observe?
What if my child is absent?
Do we pay for vacation absences?
Are private lessons ever taught when The Music Place office is closed?
What if my child's teacher is absent?

Q. What holidays do you observe?

A. The Music Place office does not close on every federal holiday. On the following holidays the office is closed, no group classes are taught. (Private lessons may be arranged at the discretion of the instructor.)

    • Holiday Observation Dates
    • Good Friday  (after 12pm)
    • Memorial Day (last Monday of May)
    • Independence Day July 4
    • Labor Day (1st monday of September )
    • Thanksgiving and the Friday after 
    • Christmas Day though New Year's Day

Q. What if my child is absent?

A. Your tuition covers 4 classes per month, (48 per year) and up to one make up per quarter is offered for non-emergency cancellationsMake up lessons are available when 1) 24 hours notice is given OR 2) the lessons fall on an official Music Place holiday. Lessons canceled with less than 24 hours notice are forfeited.

Group class make-up options: Since tuition covers 4 classes per month, group classes are taught on quarterly 5th weeks and serve to cover school closures or holidays/closures or absences. Additional make ups for groups for notified group class absences may be scheduled in any (non session) age-appropriate group music or dance class.

Private Class make-up options: Although tuition for weekly classes covers four lessons, we do not charge an additional fee for the fifth week in a month as it is used as a make up for holidays or future properly notified absences for which there is no fifth week in that particular month. Another great option when advance notice is given is for the teacher to use the lesson time to create a 20-minute video for the student using our LessonMate platform where it can be uploaded and sent to the student for repeated use.  

Semi- Private Class make-up options: Make ups for semi-private lessons are more complicated. See the policy outlined in the following scenarios:

    1. If only 1 student will attend; the other has properly notified The Music Place in advance of the absence, the remaining student who is available to attend the lesson will receive the full 30 minutes for each semi-private lesson in which they are enrolled. The teacher will record the lesson for the absent student, as if they were there. The absent student may either:
      1. attend online in real time (a "hybrid" format) or

      2. receive the video recording of the lesson for later viewing or both!

    2. If a student is absent and is not paying for the class (e.g., see the vacation credit below), the remaining student may receive:
      1. a 20-minute private lesson for each 30-minute semi-private lesson in which they are enrolled (NOTE: Since private lessons are more expensive, this is typically the financial equivalent of the semi-private rate). OR

      2. a 20-minute video recorded lesson which may be re-used as desired

    3. If neither student is available but they have given sufficient notice of absence:

      1. A mutually available alternative time for a Semi-Private session may be arranged for both students with either the regular teacher or an alternate teacher. This option is available for 30 calendar days after the original lesson. OR

      2. For each eligible semi-private lesson, the teacher may offer each of the students a choice of EITHER a 20 minute individualized video recording OR a make up pass for a 20-minute in person, private lesson with the same or alternate teacher, also to be scheduled within 30 days.

Q. Do we pay for vacation absences?

A. In order to "hold" their spot during Summer or Winter, families may pay only for classes taken, (at the non-discounted single class rate) provided the following occurs:

    • 7 days notice is given for absences.
    • At least 2 classes per month are paid.
    • Payments are made in advance
  • A. For longer absences you may give us 2 weeks notice to pause your classes, (temporary withdrawal), you may pay 50% tuition to hold your spot for up to two months, but without that payment, there is no guarantee to hold your chlid's spot

 Q. Are private lessons ever taught when The Music Place office is closed?

A. Yes, by appointment only. Please check with your student's instructor.

Q. What if my child's teacher is absent?

A. Your teacher will give you the option of a make up, a substitute or an account credit arranged through the office.