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 Special Notes

  • All-day campers bring bag lunch.
  • All camps are 5 days in length (Mon-Fri).
  • See location links in legend below the Camp Table
  • Ask about after camp extended care for up to 60 minutes.
  • Our camps are still tiny! Camps are limited to 6-8 student or families on a first come, first 1served basis.

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PLEASE NOTE: Lunch is not provided. Campers in 5.5-6 hour camps bring non-perishable bag lunch. FYI: Most singing activites at our Baywood campus will be held outdoors. Koch Lane activities will be held with an exterior door open in a separately ventilated studio.
#CampDescriptionStart DateTimeAgesLocCost
Dance! Dance! Dance!
Younger dancers ages 4-7 will enjoy exploring ballet, tap and creative movement to experience an overview of the most popular dance forms with an in-studio performance at week's end. Maximum 7. 06/13 9:30-12PM 4-7 KOCH $290

Sing & Move to Movie Songs! 

Older singers ages 7-13 perform best-loved songs from favorite movies. Maximum 8. 06/13 9:30-3 7-11 BYWD $550
Teach the World to Sing!
Campers sing world favorites and create their own songs for a beautiful, costumed performance celebrating the power of music in many cultures. $20.00 per enrollment in this camp will be donated to World Relief, a respected international relief organization. Maximum 8 families. 06/20 9:30-3 5-8 KOCH $550

Drums Ukuleles & Explore more

Enjoy all kinds of drums, try ukuleles & explore size-appropriate instruments for younger campers.  A rousing drum circle performance ends the week. Maximum 8 families. 6/27 9:30-3 4-7 BYWD $550
All Day Musical Theater Fun
FULL! Wait list open
 Older campers increase and express their skills and love for song, dance and acting as they prepare excerpts from a favorite musical theater production under the guidance of an experienced stage performer. Crafts that become props are included in fun after lunch activities. Maximum 8.  06/27 9:30-3 7+ KOCH $550
Mini-Musical Theater
 Young campers spend the best part of the day singing, acting and moving to their favorite kids musicals with relevant crafts. Different songs morning and afternoon are combined for a fun final performance outside at our campus near Santana Row. Many activities will be held outside in our safe, tree-shaded area. Maximum 8 families. 7/11 9:30-3 4-7 BYWD $550

Instrument Survey
(Choose your instrument!)
FULL! Wait list open
 Trying to figure out where to start? Campers try 1-2 individually disinfected instruments each day while the teacher demonstrates and teaches about all the instrument families in preparation for a  "performance" using their favorite instruments at the end of the week. Piano, keyboard, violin, cello, recorder, flute, clarinet, guitar, ukulele, trumpet, drums and more. Maximum 7 families.  07/18 9:30-3PM 7-11 KOCH $550
Keyboard Overview (Intro to Keyboard/Piano)
Piano/keyboard beginners have their own disinfected instruments and white-boards to learn to navigate the keys, use proper playing technique, read notes and play fun, simple songs for a mini-performance on the last day. From ragtime to classics, campers listen to inspiring piano performances while enjoying keyboard-related games and crafts . Includes "Keyboard Overview" book. Maximum 7. 07/25 9:30-3PM 6-9 KOCH $550
Early Music Awareness + Crafts
FULL! Wait list open
Give your young camper the opportunity to explore  instruments, (individually disinfected) sing, move, learn notes, and have fun, while preparing a little show for you experiencing our signature Early Music Awareness curriculum. Maximum 7 families . (2 students in 1 family count as one.) 08/08 9:30-3PM* 4-7 BYWD $550
Early Music Awareness + Crafts
Our signature Early Music Awareness curriculum with crafts. See details above (9A). Families may opt for half day 9:30-12PM @ $290. Maximum 7. 08/08  9:30-12PM 4-7 BYWD $290

Early Music Awareness +  Crafts  FULL!

Our signature Early Music Awareness curriculum with crafts. See details above. (9A) Families may opt for half day 12:30PM to 3PM @ $290. Maximum 7. 08/08 12:30-3PM  4-7 BYWD $290 

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Fine print:

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  • Camp durations or days per week may be reduced or canceled due to low enrollment.
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