Drums MP Student478x341"My daughter is having a wonderful time in class and is so happy she is taking from Valery (been in one of her classes for 4+ years). My boys take piano and drums from Timmy and LOVE it. One of my sons hurries through breakfast so he can play the piano. My oldest takes voice lessons from Patricia. She can't wait for class each week and wants to sing professionally when she is older.

We love the Music Place for so many reasons. All my kids love music thanks to the caring teachers and the relaxed atmosphere. I was just telling Valery that I was pushed and prodded to play the piano for 12 years and now I never play. I want it to be a super positive experience and I have no expectations of how quickly my kids progress- and so far with this approach our house is filled with music constantly and they are doing wonderfully. I know it will be a lifelong love of music. Thank you all for making this possible!"

~From K. G.