Elizabeth (Liz) joined The Music Place Team in 2009 around the time we celebrated our 25th anniversary. Although she was involved in music as a child (playing flute), it was her childrens' interests that brought her to the Music Place.

Beginning as a parent volunteer, Liz's first way of helping was to prepare, print and send out birthday cards every week to each of the students whose birthday was approaching. Gradually her administrative and accounting gifts made room for her, and she began to serve in more and more areas, from reception to payroll.

TeacherQuotePassionLed500x252Eventually, Liz became the first full time employee at The Music Place. She served at the Main Office in Willow Glen until 2017 when her husband's job took them to the Boise, Idaho area.  By that time she had become such an integral part of the team and beloved co-worker that she was asked to remain on the team remotely.  She agreed to work part time, and with the application of voice over internet technology (phone system), many have no idea that even from Idaho, she has remained our primary afternoon receptionist for the years since.

As the music therapy team began to develop, Liz became the perfect person to care for the very specialized processing required for incoming therapy families and has served them faithfully to this day.  In addition to processing therapy enrollments and transitions, preparing invoices for insurance companies and supporting the therapy team in numerous other ways, Liz continues to answer the phones remotely and helps all who call feel welcomed and informed.  If someone calls with a personal need, she is quick to offer a prayer and a word of encouragement.  She works closely with the directors with a strategic gift and foresight that they have come to depend upon. Her care for both clients and staff beautifully reflects one of the core values of The Music Place: to help each person feel cared for and well served, and we are all grateful for her faithful service among us.