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Good teachers are those who never stop learning.  As a school that loves to train young teachers and help experienced teachers continue to develop, we do not feel it is right to charge the same rates for every teacher. This is one reason that unlike most schools, we set up our pricing for private lessons in tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum.

Pricing tiers keep things simple and for group classes they also reflect the varying sizes of classes and the preparations required to conduct them. NOTE: Intern Tier rates change more frequently as they are based on accrued hours of teaching until they have reached the Tier One level. (500 hours)

For private lessons, differing tiers represent the following factors 

  • Experience
  • Education and
  • Effectiveness (Efffectiveness is measured by feedback from staff and parents regarding overall professionalism, including but not limited to: communication skills, student progress and participation in recitals, student longevity, punctuality, regularly of attendance, courtesy, etc.)

As these factors change, (i.e., teacher completes an advanced degree or an intern reaches 500 hours) then the tuition will shift into a new tier.

See current private lesson tuition rates.

Faculty Tier Placement 

Tier Faculty Names Minimum Qualifications
  Intern Kayleigh, Nathanael, Preethi Completion of Music Place Teacher Training Program, 5+ years of music or dance education, 50-500 hours teaching experience
 Tier 1 Jacqueline, Juan Angel Recently completed or degree in progress, 5+ years music education, 1-5 years teaching experience
Tier 2 Abigail, Andrew, Becky, Brendan, Charlotte, Cymber, Elsa, Gaby, Gina, Jeremy, Jill,Nancy, Pat C., Pat D., Rosa, Shane, Valery BA or higher (or equivalent), 10+ years music education, 6+ years teaching experience
Tier 3

Alison, Allisyn, Amanda, Dave, Eleazar, Joseph, Mila, Monique, Moses, Patricia, Rebeca, Shen, Sun, Tetyana

MA or higher, 20+ years music education, 10+ years teaching experience