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Letter from a Grateful Parent
In 2011, this parent and her daughter enjoyed ten different faculty & staff.

Just wanted to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am that my daughter is a student of The Music Place. You are an admirable person and I thank you for leading this wonderful organization. Since we met you last year, my daughter has participated in several different classes and summer camps -- EMA classes with Ms. Pam, Pre-ballet and Pre-tap classes with Ms. Sarah, All Arts classes with Ms. Valery, "God's Beautiful Princesses" and "Move and Groove" summer camps with Ms. Amanda, "Peter and the Wolf" Summer camp with Ms. Patricia and finally the "W.A.K.E." camp that you are yourself a part of. The first teacher we were introduced to was Ms. Pam and I then thought that Ms. Janice and Ms. Pam were the only beautiful people in the whole world.

Surprising Research helps students through nutrition

I recently attended one of the most eye-opening seminars of my educational career. A local organization of parents, whose children have struggled with behavioral and learning challenges, "A Few Steps Ahead" sponsored this wonderful event.

AudienceThe entertaining and yet well-informed speaker was Mrs. Diane Croft, from the Colorado Springs area. She holds both a BA and an MA in Special Education as well as a certification in Nutritional Therapy.

In addition to well-developed material on the re-patterning of damaged or "broken" synapses in the brain, Mrs. Croft shared some tools to establish the mid-line for cross- dominant children.


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