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Parents who sing with their children help their young brains develop the language of music. This means that encouraging song and making singing fun is one of the best musical gifts parents can give. The more a child sings, the stronger the foundation of music learning becomes, and just like foreign languages, singing accurately is best learned early.

We include lots of singing in our Early Music Awareness path, but we also offer singing-specific classes for children as young as four years of age.

All singing classes whether group or private should contain the learning elements of breathing, articulation and performance.   

Browse The Vocal Learning Path for a complete page-by-page description of all group and private vocal classes.

Step #1: All Arts

This Vocal/Drama group class for ages 4-7 is a fun starting point for kids who like to sing. In these classes, young singers develop poise and stage performance skills through singing, gesture choreography and drama while preparing for regular performances.  Students use props and fun songs, acting out at least one of the 3-4 songs they prepare.

Step #2: Vocal Ensembles I & II

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As kids get older, these singing groups for ages 6-10 (level I) and 8-14 (level II) focus on vocal instruction emphasizing vocal development through proper breath control, articulation and presentation of contemporary and/or traditional repertoire. In addition to annual recitals, young singers are encouraged to share their gifts through community outreach performances at senior centers where the best and most appreciative (and forgiving) audiences enjoy their visits. 

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VocalSoloInGroup 375x471 Crop IEStep #3: Private & Semi-private lessons

Students 4 and up may opt for convenient private (1-1) or semi-private (2-1 with a friend or sibling) lessons to develop their unique singing skills with personalized repertoire. 

More options:

Summer singing and theater camps, and local Christmas in the park performance opportunities are available for children 4 and up. Special discounts are often available to students taking vocal groups as a package with weekly private lessons of any kind.

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