PianoBoyInBlueMask 500x385Crop IE"Alex LOVED his guitar lesson with Mr. Pat yesterday! What a blessing for us all. Went right home and into his room to practice. It's been hard being in with Covid, and he's a bit of an introvert so this is a wonderful outlet. We like the procedure and felt safe at MP.  Thank you so much for allwoing us to come and be loved.

Drums MP Student478x341"My daughter is having a wonderful time in class and is so happy she is taking from Valery (been in one of her classes for 4+ years). My boys take piano and drums from Timmy and LOVE it. One of my sons hurries through breakfast so he can play the piano. My oldest takes voice lessons from Patricia. She can't wait for class each week and wants to sing professionally when she is older.

MO Hallway275x383Crop"This place is top notch ! It has long history, the principle of the place is top music educator, who sincerely love kids and music. She dedicated her life to teach and sharing music in her life and community. As result, this is one of the best place you can find for your kids to learn music , instrument or other music art.  They will do assessment for your child, and then based on your child's talent and goals, and schedules,  place it with right teacher.

They have group of finely selected music teachers and specializing in all different areas. They have team of professionals helps with enrollment, scheduling, payment, everything made it so easy for you , and they are very organized !!!  I am quite impressive with their management.

EMA HandoutHigh Sounding Cymbals"My 4 year old son is currently enrolled in their EMA, Early Music Awareness class with Mr. Jack and loves it! Each week they learn about a new instrument. The class has fun musical games, dances and also incorporates music theory. At the end of each class, instructors give a brief overview to the parents of what they learned in class that day and sends the child home with color book print outs for the children to review at home. 
Though parents do not join in the classroom, I can see my son from the waiting room area and I love seeing the joy on his face. I try not to let him see me, that way he is comfortable dancing and being silly without the feeling of my eyeballs on him.

What really sets The Music Place apart