Caroline, BM, MT-BC is a dedicated and driven music therapist who strives to positively impact those she has the opportunity to work with. Rooted in a core belief that every individual is immensely valuable, she aims to show her genuine care for each person through the interactions, conversations, and experiences she shares with them.

Caroline graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Music from Belmont University in Nashville.  With a music theory and vocal emphasis, she continued on to complete her music therapy training at St. Mary of-the-Woods College in Indiana.

Although she originally planned to continue her education studying music cognition, guidance from her professors helped Caroline to realize that a career as a musicologist would be one where she wouldn’t work as directly with people as she desired. As a result, she decided to pursue a post equivalency degree in music therapy, preferring to work more directly with students and clients.  During this graduate training, she worked with individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, mood and thought disorders, and to expand her experience, she did her internship serving clients in hospice. Music therapy truly fulfills her passion to work with people, allowing her to utilize music to help individuals in direct and impactful ways. 

Because of her strong background in voice and piano, her interest in music cognition and her experience conducting assessments while teaching pre-school, Caroline was well-equiped to accept a combined position at The Music Place where she serves as a music therapist, a music educator and an Educational Specialist. She uses her expertise with all abilities and disabilities to help families navigate the often daunting journey of music learning.

Teaching/Therapy Style

Caroline is an enthusiastic, intelligent, and compassionate teacher and therapist. She enjoys working with all ages, especially in a way that uses music to help students and clients feel better about themselves. Her objective is to allow students to reach their full potential through the power of music.

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“Thank you so much for the wonderful  sessions yesterday Caroline. Boys seemed very happy after the session. They seemed very relaxed this morning too (more so than usual). Usually I make them do some activity before tv time on Saturday morning. Usually there is protest and they do it because they have to but are not super excited . this morning was a breeze! I would like to think yesterday’s session is the reason they woke up so relaxed and happy”  ~ Anshu V.

"Amairas piano instructor is the best! She is so understanding and is patient and my daughter loves her. From a teacher perspective, Amaira went from knowing nothing and is now learning piano very well. it’s always a push, but ms Caroline does an  amazing job by making sure Amaira is comfortable and is learning every bit!  I would totally recommend her!" ~Chandi G