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It's one thing to be able to sing or play an instrument skillfully.  As you know, it's quite another thing to be able to teach effectively. For this reason, all Music Place teachers, regardless of experience or education are required to move through a thorough screening process that includes a 2-hour technical interview, hours of colleague observation, teaching demonstrations, fingerprinting and background check and in some cases video training. Ongoing opportunities and forums to gather with other teachers and learn together on subjects of interest or encouraged and remunerated as well.

Apprentice teachers: We also train young gifted students who undergo an even more extensive pre-hire process in order to receive tools to teach students of all learning styles and ages. Once certified with The Music Place,  these young teachers are released to teach at rates that are lower than tenured teachers. Read more about apprentice teachers.

TeacherInstruments Taught
Abigail piano, clarinet, recorder
Alison piano, voice
Allisyn piano
Amanda music therapy, piano, guitar, ukulele, EMA 
Andrew guitar, piano, saxophone, drums, ukulele, brass, woodwinds 
Becky EMA, flute, drums, piano, special needs
Brendan Voice, Piano, Cello, Violin, Flute, Guitar
Charlotte piano
Chris Trumpet, Voice, Piano, Guitar, Ukuele
Cymber harp, ukulele, piano, voice
Dave drums, piano  
Eleazar piano, guitar, ukulele, cello, bass, violin, dulcimer, drums, accordian 
Elsa piano
Gina piano, flute
Jacqueline violin, piano
Janice founding director
Jill cello, violin, piano, EMA
Joe music therapy, voice, piano, guitar, brass, drums
Juan Angel guitar, drums, voice, piano, dance
Kayleigh EMA, Dance
Lynnelle music therapy, voice, upright bass, piano, saxophone, clarinet, recorder, guitar, et al
Melanie music therapy, voice
Mila piano
Monique voice, piano, EMA
Moses piano, violin
Nancy piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, bass, drums
Nathanael violin
Pat C. guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, mandolin, recorder, instrument prep, beg. drums 
Pat D. guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, violin, jazz flute
Patricia voice, piano 
Rebeca voice, piano, violin, special needs
Rosa piano, flute, recorder
Shane piano, guitar, ukulele, voice
Shen-Ling piano, special needs
Sun violin, viola
Tetyana voice, piano
Valery EMA, piano, all arts, special needs
Vanetia EMA, piano

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