Asher grew up in a very musical family and has eight older siblings, most of whom are musicians. Two of them, Adam and Jared actually taught at The Music Place, and Jared was his first music teacher as a child. The influence of his siblings and musician parents was key to inspiring Asher to develop skills on a broad range of instruments.  In addition, after have been asked to teach music at a local Christian school in 2023, Asher discovered his passion for teaching.  With guitar and piano as his foundation, he began both teaching and composing in high school. Currently co-leading a local band (Silk Road) as well as serving on the worship team at Calvary Chapel, Asher is passionate about passing his musical gifts on to the next generation of musicians and performers.

Not only does Asher come to us with up to nine years of study on his various instruments (guitar, bass, drums. ukulele, piano), but with an extroverted personality growing up in a big family, it was a natural for him to get excited about being trained to teach the youngest children using the signature Early Music Awareness program.

In his spare time, Asher enjoys learning, jamming with other musicians and serving at his local church.

Teaching Style

Asher is an extremely patient and kind teacher whose passion for all things musical inspires his students. He is a wonderful role model for young aspiring musicians.


Acoustic guitar

  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Ukulele
  • Bass
  • Recorder
  • Instrument Survey
  • Early Music Awareness
  • Vocal coaching


  • English


  • Lawrence (Sunnyvale)
  • Koch Lane
  • Baywood

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