Becky teaches Flute, Piano, Recorder, Group & Private Early Music Awareness (EMA), Beginning Drums and Beginning Piano.  She believes that all children are a gift from God and that everyone is able to learn music in their own special way.  As a teacher, she works hard with her students and their parents to find the best (and the most fun) way to help them learn. Because of this child-centric approach, Becky also finds great joy in serving a broad range of students of all ages who have special needs.

Teaching at The Music Place since 1998,  Becky now serves as a Master Teacher for E.M.A. teacher trainees, assisting in the development of new teachers who are qualified to teach this Music Place signature curriculum.  In the past she been trained in Orff Schulwerk and Music Together styles of teaching and earned her B.A. in Diversified Liberal Arts with an Early Childhood Development emphasis. She has taught preschool, Sunday school, studied flute privately and played in both bands and orchestras. In addition, she and her husband have two amazing girls, and her experience as a mother for many years has given her a unique perspective on teaching.  

Teaching Styleflute

Becky is full of creative ideas and brings that to her students.  She constantly looking for new ways to teach musical concepts and creative ways to enrich the learning experience, and this allows her to bring an inspiring musical experience to children with all abilities and disabilities.  She believes every child that comes through her classrooms helps her grow and is a treasure to teach.


  • Flute and Recorder
  • Beginning Piano
  • Early Music Awareness
  • Adaptive Music for special needs
  • Instrument Survey

Teaching Locations

  • Main Office: 1617 Willowhurst Ave. SJ
  • 352 South Baywood Ave SJ
  • Snell/Branham Home Studio SJ

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