Ben, originally from Marin County, earned his Bachelor's of Music in Music Therapy from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. Upon completion, he returned to California to serve in his chosen career as a music therapist. He enjoys being a supportive therapist that can help with communication, socialization, as well as emotional expression, using music as the medium for achieving these nonmusical goals.  With the Music Place, he also enjoys teaching and loves being able to experience teaching instrumental lessons as well as providing music therapy within the same organization.

Although Ben originally majored in Music Business because of his interest in managing artists and performing for a living, along the way he decided that he wanted to use music in a way that helps people. "When I played music for my friends, they often reported that they really enjoyed the music, or that it helped their mood. From this, I wanted to help more people with music, and then quickly learned all of what music therapy had to offer, and how it is much more than just “playing music to make people feel better”.

Ben is the oldest of three children in a musical family and began learning piano at the age of 6. He says it was to avoid having to take the bus after school,  but now 20+ years later his life is about music and piano is his primary instrument (among many.)

In his spare time, Ben enjoys playing in a band and spending time with his fiance.

Teaching Style

Ben is a fun, animated engaging teacher whose student never want to miss their lessons! Although his initial coursework training in music therapy leaned more toward the neurological therapy model, he found a more comfortable fit with a person centered approach during his internship.  He is creative and patient as both teacher and therapist.

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  • Music Therapy
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Adaptive Voice
  • Instrument Survey


  • English


  • Lawrence (Sunnyvale)
  • Baywood
  • Palo Alto area home visits


"Ben is just so wonderful with the kids!!! One of the parents told me their daughter was having a really hard day at school and she asked her daughter if she still wanted to go to music class and she said “of course I do!” and ran right in when she got there. Another child has been making ‘schedules’ for Ben since she remembers the order of the first few songs. It’s been amazing seeing the kids really learning the songs, having favorite songs and even requesting their favorite songs or instruments. We’re so happy we’re able to provide them with this wonderful experience!!"

~Lauren Levinson, Friendship Circle [serving those with special needs] at the Palo Alto Jewish Community Center

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