Kian is one of our own. He studied guitar with master guitarist Pat Caploe and is an excellent sight reader who enjoys many styles of playing. Since 2017, he has gone on to study multiple instruments at University Prep Academy (UPA) in San Jose where he helped start a chapter of the Tri-M Music Society sponsed by the National Association for Music Education.  He is currently serving as president of his local chapter.

Currently serving as student teacher at UPA, Kian enjoys tutoring middle school band students.  Although trombone is his brass specialty, Kian is also a stellar trumpet player and in addition, has served as section leader for baritone euphonium. Kian has performed at the 2023 Reno Jazz Festival and at the 2022 Los Angeles Heritage Music Festival.

In his spare time, Kian enjoys composing and using technical skills for creating music videos.

Teaching Style

Acoustic guitar

Kian is friendly, thorough and has a gentle way of encouraging excellence in his students.


  • Guitar
  • Trombone
  • Trumpet
  • Baritone


  • English
  • Farsi


  • Main Office
  • Koch Lane
  • Baywood


"I have known Kian for the past 6 years. During this time I have seen a young man become more dedicated and informed about music performance, music composition and arranging. He has also become one of [the] best student leaders I have ever had as a music teacher. Kian is a teacher's aid for me in my intermediate band. He has already made a huge impact with the students in this class were mostly 8th graders.  Kian started with me in our beginning band is the 7th grader. He quickly confirmed in my mind that he was a strong musician and a studious student at our school. Keon put together a couple of music videos where he demonstrated his composition skills and performance skills where in his split screen video Kian playing trumpet, guitar and trombone in an original composition.
To say your University or institution would be lucky to have his talents and intellectual curiosity is an understatement. Ken has shown over the last 6 years that he not only is talented but he cares. He cares about his own scholarship and that of his peers and mentees."

~Jamal Ramirez, Music Teacher University Prep Academy


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