Kyoko has taught music in various elementary schools in the Bay Area from kindergarten to 6th grade since 2012, both in traditional and special education classrooms having more than 700 students every week. In addition, singing in Gospel Choirs for 12 years, she also continues to learn and loves discovering what kind of teaching methods work or not. That’s how she understands that everyone learns in different way and is so aptly able to customize her lesson plans for each student. Her passion for music education led her to be awarded the “G.G. Fitzmaurice Award in Recognition of Exceptional Leadership And Professionalism in Music Education” in 2017. Kyoko was a natural to teach Early Music Awareness!

Once the basic knowledge and skills are solid, their music ability often goes beyond expectations.She began taking piano and recorder lessons when she was 6 years old in Japan. In De Anza College she learned and played clarinet in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, as well as jazz piano and voice (Classical Italian).  Her whole life growing up was filled with music. “Music brightens your life, supports you in difficult times, and touches your heart and soul timelessly.”

Kyoko is also a nature lover. While hiking, she enjoys the nature’s music such as the sounds of ocean waves, streams, birds, other wildlife, trees and breezes. She is also very athletic. Not only hiking but also jogging, playing soccer, skiing and kayaking are among her hobbies. Whatever she is doing, she is always SINGING!

Teaching Style

Kyoko's strength is to build strong music fundamentals and understand that “People learn the most when they are having fun.”

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  • Recorder
  • Piano
  • Special needs
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Ukulele
  • Early Music Awarenss
  • Voice


  • English
  • Japanese


  • Baywood
  • Mountaint View Home Studio

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