Monique began at The Music Place in 2009 where she has been teaching voice, piano, vocal ensembles and summer camp classes.

She graduated from Azusa Pacific University in Southern California with a B.A. in Music and an M.A. in Christian Worship Leadership. She fell in love with music as a young child and grew up dancing, playing piano and singing in choirs. She has directed seasonal church choirs and worked with both adult and youth vocalists since 2000. She has been teaching both private and group piano classes since 2004.

When she's not teaching at the Music Place, she teaches music in Elementary Schools through the non-profit, Music for Minors. She also has 5 years of experience working for a non-profit organization in which she supervised the educational development of children at risk. Monique loves encouraging others and sharing the gift of music. She believes that anyone can improve their singing voice by learning proper singing technique, being in tune with their body (which is their instrument, as a singer) and sharpening their listening skills through ear training.

Teaching Style

Monique is encouraging and gentle, but firm with expectations of appropriate student behavior. She is thorough and works hard to help students pay attention to details. She strives to create well-rounded musicians, teaching skills students can apply as "real world" musicians, whether performing solo, in a group, or ministering in a church. She continually assesses student and family goals to make sure they are on track, and works to challenge them in the areas where they are already gifted while strengthening areas where they have room to grow.


  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Summer Camps


  • English
  • Spanish


  • Baywood Ave
  • Koch Ln


In an anonymous customer service survey administered by the Music Place in February 2015, parents were asked "Do you feel that this teacher exhibits a joyful and inspiring attitude towards your child?" and 100% of her student’s parents surveyed answered "Yes, Always."

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