Moses began at The Music Place as an intern piano and violin teacher in 1995. After college, seminary, marriage, kids and pastoring, he rejoined our team in 2017.

He has always had a passion for the creative and performing arts. He began teaching music at the age of 12, and several years later in 1995, he joined the The Music Place faculty and taught piano and violin for 7 years. After finishing graduate school and pastoring for 13 years, Moses returned to The Music Place in 2017 to once again pursue his passion for music, teaching and training.

Born with the ability to identify pitches and to play by ear, Moses' strong music foundation and natural music giftedness allows him to focus on the important rudiments of music learning. His cheerful personality provides a great balance to help the hard work become fun.

Moses is married and has two children. He loves to travel, go hiking, biking with his family, and cheering for his favorite Bay Area sports teams. Even before the county ordered shutdown, Moses established a strong online teaching skill and helped advise others on our team as they transitioned. He was happy to return to in person teaching in late September, continuing online with those who prefer.

Teaching Style


Moses is a passionate musician who seeks to make a difference in children's lives by making music fun and meaningful, by helping each individual to appreciate music, discover their musical talents and improve their music skills.


  • Piano
  • Violin


  • Mandarin
  • English
  • Cantonese


  • Willowhurst Ave
  • Camden Ave
  • Koch Ln

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