Shen-Ling's eyes sparke when she talks about teaching, because it's the delight of her heart to inspire her students to grow in their love for music. She has been teaching piano since 1981 and holds a Masters Degree in Piano Pedagogy (the study of teaching piano) from Butler University at Indiana, where she won several educational awards for her creative approach to teaching from the youngest child to college level students. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin, and also teaches in both languages.

While living in Indiana, Shen-Ling participated in the Indiana Music Teachers Association, where she served as a judge for the piano adjudication of students who hoped to attain certification for their musical accomplishments. For over 10 years, she was involved in designing and developing courses for the Families with Children from China Association. She also implemented teaching methods for the Youth Music Group Camp of Butler University. 

Teaching Style


Shen-Ling's students enjoy her creative teaching methods and sense of humor. She has a genuine care and compassion for her students, and is always searching for innovative ideas, technologies, and methods to better support them in their musical journey, as well as to hone her own skills as an educator. She believes in continually evolving her teaching style and even her educational philosophy and methods as she experiences new students and teaching situations. She also helps select students prepare for various examinations. ( see below)


  • Piano
  • Special Needs (not currently)


  • Online as of 1/1/22
  • Campbell home studio

Examination Options

  • Certificate of Merit

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