Tomas was born and raised in San Jose and began his musical journey as a young child being inspired by the piano lessons he took after school.  Although his family was not particularly musical, he credits his love for music to his mother who constantly listened to classical music while he was an infant. By the time he became more aware, he already had a comforting famlliarity with fine music. Another interesting fact is that he took these early lessons at the same Christian elementary school where The Music Place founding director, Janice Morris taught.  As he got older, Tomas learned to play by ear, and still enjoys learning music from movies using his well developed aural skills. 

After several years on a different career path, Tomas decided to return to his love for music and pursue a Bachelors Degree in music.  He received his music B.A. in piano performance and composition at San Jose State University in 2010. 

Tomas enjoys both playing and listening to the music of his favorite composers, Beethoven and Chopin. In addition to performing and composing music, his hobbies include church gatherings, pet care, (he has four cats) and sharing his love of music and animals on social media.

Teaching Style

Tomas is a calm, gentle and friendly teacher who couples lots of encouragement with a target of excellence.  He knows he won't do students any favors by glossing over the important issues of their lessons, and this combination made him so popluar in one of his piano teaching positions that there was a wait list of those who wanted this kind and thorough teacher.

Tri with electric Guitar


  • Piano
  • Guitar


  • English


  • Lawrence (Sunnyvale)
  • Main Office
  • Home studio in Northeast SJ/ Berryessa area
  • Baywood