Valery specializes in classes for our youngest students: Family Classes, EMA, Vocal All Arts and elementary piano.

She grew up singing in choirs and being involved in all types of music.  In 2001, not long after enrolling her own children at The Music Place, Valery joined the office staff at The Music Place working as a registrar, and soon became a well-loved member of our faculty.  In addition to elementary piano, Valery specializes in teaching very young children, and co-leads the "EMA Team"--working to expand the curriculum for both EMA and Family Classes in which parents participate with their toddlers in a guided music and movement experience.

Some of her background with childhood education includes volunteer work with children's programs at her church, homeschooling her own children for eight years, and operating a day care for two years. She began teaching music theory to her own children in her homeschool, and now really enjoys working with a variety of other children. She also continues to study music (piano and voice) from colleagues at The Music Place. Over the years, her patient creative approach has allowed her to work effectively with students who have special needs and help them flourish.

In her rare spare time, Valery studies piano and voice from colleagues at The Music Place, and also enjoys going to amusement parks with her family, spending time with her pets, and scrapbooking.

Teaching Style

Valery is patient, energetic and organized. She uses her creativity to find new ways  to reach children with the joy of music as she works with children of widely varying abilities and disabilties.

InstrumentsAll Arts Performance Classes

  • EMA
  • Piano
  • Beginning Harp
  • All Arts Vocal
  • Special Needs


  • Willowhurst Ave
  • Kooser home studio